Transportes y Grúas Vecchiola provides the solutions and precise services for all kinds of special, heavy load transportation and hoisting. With these competencies we deliver accurate, professional assistance to your various projects with a strong focus on increasing productivity at the mining, energy and construction industries.

“Integrated safety and environment policy”

Our complex work load operations must be fast and efficient, with customer service as focal point as well as quality, innovation and safety as they are our brand’s core values.
We are committed to a continuous improvement in terms of quality, environment, occupational safety and health . Our goal is to optimize workflows, meet or exceed customer expectations, creating a safer work climate for our staff and preventing pollution.
Our leaders are dedicated to taking care of workers and ensuring their wellbeing. We expect that our managers and supervisors lead with example, communicate effectively and share our core values with team members.

The purpose at our organization is to set the stage for open communications with our employees, contractors, vendors, partners and third party contributors to promote a quality-driven culture, positive environmental practices, safety and health in the workplace.
We are committed to comply with all regulations and policies set for our business activities.
The company is committed to assign required resources to meet our standards in terms of quality, environment, health and safety.